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Cracked Your Screen? Here’s What to Do About a Cracked Phone Screen

Mobile phones are indispensable to us as we find ourselves doing everything we can with them. This includes entertainment, communication, and even banking. Thus, it’s not unusual for people, even 7-year olds, to always carry their phones with them.

We take our mobile phones with us everywhere we go, including the bathroom. Unfortunately, this is where accidents happen that urge us to look for cracked screen repair services.

In such cases, what do you usually do? Do you simply use it as-is or resort to DIY fixes? If so, you need to keep reading to find out how to deal with cracked screens properly.

Assess the Damage

The level of severity for a cracked screen will help you decide the best move to make after the accident. You could be dealing with totally shattered displays or light scratches. In instances where your phone has screen protectors, you might not need iPhone screen repair at all.

Most people stuff their cracked phone into their pocket or bag as they try to get to a nearby repair shop. While it’s easy to panic after seeing a cracked screen, try to calm down. Instead, get your phone under a good light and examine the damages on a flat surface. 

Often, cracked screens hide internal damages that might not be repairable. Thus, make sure to assess how much damage your phone screen incurred first. There are three major damages to look out for: glass damage, LCD damage, and component damage.

Glass Damage

Mobile phones contain a layer of glasses with different functions sandwiched together. The top layer of glass protects the phone's internal components while allowing you to operate your phone.

It’s good news if you have a cracked screen, but the picture is still active. This means that you’ve only broken the top glass. Thus, you’ll only need a cracked screen repair.

Your phone is still usable amidst the unappealing interface. However, you need to be careful, as the glass is sharp and can cut you.

LCD Damage

If your cracked screen makes strange colour patterns, it means your LCD is also damaged. Another indicator is when your screen has a partial blackout.

Component Damage

Internal components include the cables or chips responsible for proper screen projection. When your cracked screen also has a part that's not working, you have a damaged internal component. In some cases, you can see your display, but you won’t be able to control and operate it. 

Protect From Further Damage

After assessing, shift your focus to protecting your screen from incurring further damages. If you’ve assessed the damage and your phone only has minor to moderate glass damage, you can opt to put packing tape on it. This will help keep off dust and protect your hand from the sharp glass.

You can also opt to use a screen protector, especially if your screen has minor cracks. It ensures seamless protection, and you won’t have to deal with sticky residue. The best option for moderate screen damages is a tempered glass screen protector.

Note that using temporary fixes like this on phones with major screen damages is futile. In these cases, it’s best to call in the pros.

Acquire Screen Repair Services

Complete phone screen replacement is the best type of cracked screen repair. You can get one directly from your manufacturer or through a trusted third party. In general, cracked screen repair can take a couple of hours and a few days for those with more serious damages.

Since cracked screens are common mobile phone problems, necessary supplies are abundant. So if you’re looking for a mobile phone repair near me, you won’t have a hard time. Several shops offer services such as cracked screen repair and iPhone battery replacement, among others.

If you have an iPhone, remember that there’s no warranty for physical damage, even with Apple Care. Unfortunately for you, this means you have to cover the repair cost.

What makes cracked screen repair expensive is if the LCD was also damaged. Thus, as long as your LCD is intact, you can expect a much cheaper phone or iPad screen repair

Replace or Sell Your Broken Phone

What we’ve mentioned so far revolves around minor to serious glass damages. What about when your phone has a damaged LCD or internal component?

For one, get it professionally checked to eliminate the risk of misdiagnosis. If you had it checked and your assessment is the same as a professional’s, you have two choices.

The first one is to replace the LCD screen of your mobile phone. As we’ve mentioned, this remedy is quite expensive, especially if you have one of the latest phone models. The repair bill is often almost equal to a new phone; thus, you have to ask yourself if a replacement is worth it.

The same situation applies when you’re thinking of replacing the damaged internal components. In most cases, component damages are not repairable or are too expensive to repair. Thus, a lot of users prefer to replace their phones.

The only option left is to replace your phone completely. However, if money is an issue, there are a lot of refurbished or second-hand phones that you can get at an affordable price.

Believe it or not, although you no longer find your phone useable, there are a lot of companies that can pay good money for it.

The amount you get for your broken phone will vary from one company to another. So make sure to shop around to find the best available deal.

Your Trustworthy Cracked Screen Repair Experts

To recap, it’s always best to stop and assess the severity of the damage your phone screen incurred. This will help tell you if you need regular cracked screen repair or if you need to replace your phone. Afterward, take steps to prevent further damage before finally calling in the pros.

When it comes to your cracked screens or any type of phone damage, an experienced professional is a must. We at Appdroid Repair take your gadget needs seriously.

We work hard to bring you fast, professional, and quality service at a reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to hit us up for any gadget-related concerns!

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