Cracked Screen

Useful Hacks to Use Your iPhone despite a Cracked Screen

A cracked iPhone screen is one of life's greatest annoyances. They all act as reminders of a past mishap, and it’s hard not to notice them.

A damaged phone screen is not only unsightly, but it can also compromise a device's functionality. When a screen cracks, it loses touch sensitivity, increases the risk of more damage, and can cause a slew of other annoying issues.

It's also worth noting that a cracked screen repair isn't always a cheap fix. We are obliged to continue using a broken phone since many of us have no choice but to do so.

But fortunately, all hope is not gone. While you wait for the inevitable visit to an iPhone repair shop, you may keep your broken iPhone screen usable using the following simple hacks.

How Do You Unlock Your Phone?

The first significant challenge when coping with a broken screen is unlocking your phone. Damaged screens can cause substantial screen areas to become unresponsive to touch, making entering a passcode a near-impossible operation!

Fortunately, Siri and VoiceOver for iPhones provide a remedy.

Working with Siri

  1. If you're on an iPhone X, XS, XR,11, or 12, press and hold the home button to activate Siri. Otherwise, you can press and hold the lock button until the Siri icon shows.
  1. Say "Turn on VoiceOver" after Siri has been engaged.
  1. To get to the passcode screen, press the home button twice. If this brings up Apple Pay, swipe up as usual and leave your finger on the screen until Siri says "Lift for home" on an iPhone X, XS, XR,11, or 12.
  1. Swipe left and right on the screen part that is still responsive to move the VoiceOver cursor over the passcode number buttons. If you can't see the entire screen due to damage, VoiceOver will announce the button you've picked.
  1. Double-tap while the cursor is on the passcode number you require to select that passcode number.

How Do You Get Your Files?

If the damage to your screen is extensive and the phone is old, you may decide to change to a newer model.

While you may want to transfer your old phone's files to your new one, it's more likely that you'll want to save your holiday images and other crucial data.

Even if the screen is broken, Apple provides several convenient methods for doing this. This will be determined by how you backed up your iPhone.

iTunes Backup

Your data is safe and accessible via iTunes if you periodically back up your iPhone to the service. So, all you'll need to get started is a reliable computer and an iOS smartphone.

iCloud Backup

If you back up your iPhone to iCloud, all your data is digitally preserved and easily transferable to another device. You'll need Wi-Fi and a new or backup iPhone to get started.


Fortunately, if your iPhone screen is broken, there are ways to get around the problem. Using Siri is the easiest way to enter a passcode. However, a backup and iPhone repair may be more practical in the long run.

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