Our Warranty

Our Warranty

AppDroid provides different types of warranty depending on what type of Repair or Product it is. The use of our repair Service may void your manufacturer's warranty.
If you would like to avoid this, then please take your device directly to the manufacturer. However, they don't cover accidental damage.

Repair or Product Type                                          Warranty Term    
Screen replacement                                               Lifetime Warranty
Battery replacement                                               3-month Warranty
Liquid Damage                                                       1-month Warranty
Software Repair                                                      1-month Warranty
Computer Screen Repair                                        3-month Warranty
Mac OS & LapTop Recovery                                   3-month Warranty
Smartphone Logic Board Repair                             1-month Warranty
Refurbished Device                                                  6-month Warranty

Appdroid will provide repair or replacement services if there are a defect Parts.

AppDroid covers Manufacturer faults in the replaced parts will be covered under AppDroid warranty.  NOT included  Physical and liquid damage not covered under AppDroid warranty.

If you experience a Problem, Please, return with your device to our store & one of our Technicians will assist you further.