5 Common Reasons Why iPad Glass Screens Fail Over Time

Over the years, Apple has made many changes to their products and devices to make them more invulnerable to drops, water damage, and bents. However, one of their best updates would have to be changing the glass screen on the iPad, making it less vulnerable to minor accidents. As a result, it is more difficult to crack the screen on the iPad, unlike when it first came out on the market. But what are the common reasons why iPad glass screens fail over time? Here are some ideas.

1. Software Failure

A software failure is one of the most common reasons behind an iPad glass screen failure. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the software, especially when it comes to updates. If there is a problem with the new software update, then it can cause the glass screen to fail. 

There are a few ways to fix the problem, and the first solution would be to try and reinstall the software update. Users can try to re-download and re-install the software update the same way they would update the iPadOS from settings.

2. Overheating

Another common reason behind an iPad glass screen failure could be overheating. If the iPad is overheating, then it can cause the glass screen to fail. Overheating can occur if the iPad gets used for an extended period or if something is wrong with the battery.

Users can try to fix the problem by ensuring the iPad is well ventilated, and the battery is well charged. Remove it if it is in a case or cover to allow the device to cool down. Next, check the battery level. If your iPad is low on battery, plug it into a power source and allow it to charge for a few minutes.

3. Swelling Battery

A swelling battery is one of the most common causes of a failed iPad glass screen. If the battery gets swollen, it can put pressure on the glass screen and cause it to break. Swelling batteries can occur due to age, overcharging, or overheating.

If you suspect your iPad’s battery is swollen, you must take it to an authorised Apple store or repair centre. Taking the device to a third-party repair store should help solve the issue too. However, make sure to work with trusted experts only.

4. Overuse

One of the most common reasons behind a cracked iPad screen is overuse. The glass screen on your iPad is not indestructible. With time, it’s bound to get scratched or cracked. If someone uses their iPad for long periods, you must keep it in a protective case that will help protect the glass from damage and scratches.

5. Water Damage

Like most electronic devices, your iPad isn’t waterproof. If it gets exposed to water, it can get damaged. Water can easily seep through the glass and enter the inner circuitry. The water can cause the parts to rust and corrode. It can also cause the battery to swell and explode.

Therefore, using the iPad away from water is best to avoid getting it wet. However, dry the device immediately using a dry microfiber if an accident happens. If possible, bring it to the nearest Apple service centre to prevent further damage to the device.


iPads are expensive and one of the most versatile devices out there. However, they are not the most invulnerable devices on the market. They may break or get damaged if subjected to drops, dents, and other factors that can affect their physical design. Therefore, if your iPad screen is cracked, you can quickly get it repaired by a professional.

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